Female Strippers

Our Gorgeous line up of female strippers are the best Melbourne has to offer! Keeping it fun and sexy or heating it up, our experienced female strippers will leave you begging for more! All shows are choreographed themed shows, from sexy nurse, school girl and cop to more adventurous bondage and devil to name just a few! Call 0477 444 388

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  • Diamond Lust XXX stripper
    Diamond Lust XXX stripper
  • Kenzie
  • Carmen Kliss
    Carmen Kliss
  • CassandraJane
    Cassandra Jane Miss Nude World 2013
  • Rebel stripper
    Rebel stripper
  • Cherri Lane- Aust.Showgirl of the year
    Cherri Lane- Aust.Showgirl of the year
  • image
    Michelle stripper & waitress
  • image
  • image
    Pheonix stripper & waitress
  • image
    Jade XXX stripper
  • image_0
    Skye Summer
  • Summer Stevens
    Summer Stevens
  • Emila topless waitress
    Emila topless waitress
  • image
    SkyeStela stripper
  • Emma Lee Rose
    Emma Lee Rose
  • Jane stripper & topless waitress
    Jane stripper & topless waitress
  • Dakota stripper and waitress
    Dakota stripper and waitress
  • img_5581
    Hayle Chase stripper
  • image
    Grace May stripper & waitress
  • image
    Sarsha topless waitress
  • image
  • Ginger Stripper & topless waitress
    Ginger Stripper & topless waitress
  • Harper xxx stripper
    Harper xxx stripper
  • Lisa topless waitress
    Lisa topless waitress
  • image
    Electra waitress and stripper
  • image
    AVA topless waitress
  • Billi waitress
    Billi waitress
  • Chantel fatagram
    Chantel fatagram
  • Sophia topless waitress
    Sophia topless waitress
  • Ruby topless waitress
    Ruby topless waitress
  • img_5556
    Ava Topless waitress