Melbourne Strippers

Melbourne Strippers: An Ultimate Fantasy for a Man include our sexy Topless waitresses 

Melbourne Strippers and Topless waitress are highly skilled women whose job is to delight you, please you, praise you, excite you, arouse you- and ultimately go away! Best at teasing and thrilling; these Melbourne Strippers and Topless waitresses are there for some fun times in the company of lovely women who’d move their curvaceous bodies around you, bend down before you to show you some inviting cleavage, stick their butt out or arch their back to arouse you. Let’s read further to find out what all she does to bring you back to her every time.

  • Melbourne Strippers and waiters are tease and Cheesy

After teasing you around for a while, by showing some of her body to you and hiding some, these Melbourne Strippers and Topless waiters would do everything to catch your attention. She would want you to keep your eyes on her all the time and she knows the best trick to get it done. She’d give you attention, praise you with her eyes and make you feel you’re the only person amongst the crowd to charge her completely and she’s all there for you; probably you’re now just one point away from winning. The moment she knows she’s played her part well and you’re already salivating for her; she’s steal her eyes back and start paying heed to other audience. She knows you’re too keen to pull her back and want her to pick on you.

  • Melbourne Strippers are Best at Role Plays

You can call up male and female strippers to your special buck’s party, hen’s night and bachelorette parties for full on entertainment for yourself and your guests.

Whether you want a pizza delivery guy, fireman, a professional business woman, a French maid or a school girl in a short and sexy uniform; they completely know how to play their role well and delight you and your guests to the core.

  • Novelty Shows to Entertain all

Not all stripper services cater to adult audience. There are some extremely funny novelty shows hosted by Melbourne Strippers at Some of them are Hairy Fairy, Gorillagram, Chock-a-Gram, Singing Marilyn, Elvis Presley and Casanova among many others.

Browse through the web page to find Melbourne Strippers and Topless waiters that fit into the occasion the most. It’s a lot of fun! For more information call us at: 0477 444 388

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