Funny Strippers

Ready to add a twist of hilarity to your event in Melbourne? Look no further than our side-splitting Funny Stripper! With comedic timing that’s as sharp as their dance moves, our performer will have your guests laughing until they can’t breathe. Perfect for bachelor parties, birthdays, or any occasion that needs a good laugh, our Funny Stripper will turn your event into a comedy extravaganza. Don’t settle for the same old routine, book now and get ready for a night of laughter and entertainment like never before

Funny Stripper shows are a great way to liven up an office party, birthday or any type of celebration.
It is a tame comedy strip show, to boxes/lingerie, stays in character, with the effect to entertain, embarrass and give all a good laugh.
No full nudity. OUR FATAGRAM and GEEKoGram are a great way to embarrass any occasion!

Call 0477 444 388 Melbourne, Vic.

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